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Race Info


Name: Australia Day Ultra
Accurate Course Map: Australind Course
Distances: 100 km, 50 km and 25 km course (official)+ 6km kids event
Date: Australia Day Weekend, 20th January 2018
Start Time: Midnight for 100km, 0300 for 50km, 0600 for 25km  and 0900 for Kids event
Sunrise: 05:31
Sunset: 19:27
Australind Jan Avg Temp: Maximum 29.7, Minimum 15.4
Race Records:

M 1:37:02 Todd Ingraham 25 km 2016
F 1:55:20 Pamela McCaskey 25 km 2017
M 3:19:57 Tom Bakowski 50 km 2017
F 3:47:26 Tina Major 50 km 2016
M 7:35:56 Richard Avery 100 km 2017
F 8:32:00 Bernadette Benson 100 km 2015


Cost: 100 km AURA Member: $100

100 km Non AURA Member: $125

50 km AURA Member: $80

50 km Non Aura Member: $100

25 km $65

6 km Kids Event $15

(No price increases from 2017).

Entries 2018 Entries open 20th Aug 2017 0900

Volunteers entry will be open 6th Jul 2017 (entry offer will be emailed)

Registration closes at 0900 on the 6th Jan 2018.

Merchandise options close on the 6th Nov 2017 (Shirts and Mugs)

Registration address : Enter Here

2018 Event Entry Process

Entries in the Australia Day Ultra are restricted to ~300 runners over all events.

Volunteers from the previous event will be emailed on the 6th July 2017 with an early entry option, ahead of the main entry on the 20th July 2017

In addition to the 300 places, there may be a number of “Race Director’s Invitees”, comprising or persons who have contributed to this and other events in the Western Australian Ultra running calendar. Invitees will be emailed their invitation before the entries open.


Any cancellations up until 6th Jan 2018  will receive a refund of 50% of the entry fee (excluding Registration site admin fee).

Any cancellations after 6th Jan 2018 are unable to be refunded.

Competitor Documents and Mandatory gear requirements

Mandatory gear requirements will comprise of : Australian Standard Hi Viz Vest, Headlight or Hand Held Torch.

When communicated by the Race Coordinator, the competitors will be able to drop all mandatory gear at Dawn.

Start Location

The start location will be in the grass reserve area North of the Picnic area of the Australind Foreshore. Next to the Wooden bollards.

Finish Line Location

The finish location will be at the same location as the start. This area provides toilets, bbq facilities and covered gazebos along the foreshore. There is ample competitor and spectator parking, with an ajoining carpark located 100m South of the Start/Finish point. There is also a 24 hr Service station located 200m South of the Start line next to the Carpark along with a Coles Supermarket across the road.


100km —-Participants will require the completion of an official Marathon event (or greater) in the 12 months preceding the event in under cut off time. Evidence may be required at the Race Directors discretion.

50km  —- Event does not have any qualifying criteria.  Though this is a fully supported event with regular aid station locations,  is expected that participants will have experience at running distance events and understand the risks associated with endurance events in heat conditions.

25km —- Event does not have any qualifying criteria. Runners are expected to be fit and healthy to participate.

6km Kids event – All children under the age of 12 years old will need their parents supervision whilst running, as some sections will be on public footpath out of view of the race organizers.

This will be the parents responsibility. Failure to make these arrangements will result in the child being unable to start.

Course Measurement

As of December 29th 2014 the course was officially measured. This means that records can be officially recorded. ( See explanation below)

For the 2018 event, the same courses will be used as per the 2017 event. Starting and finishing near the play ground and gazebos.

Courses must be certified for any road running performance to be accepted as a record or to be nationally ranked.  Furthermore, running a race on a certified course allows you to accurately compare your time to performances run on other certified courses because you can be sure the distances were the same. No one can truly establish a personal best if the course distance is not accurate.

When participants enter a race advertised to be of a certain distance, they have a reasonable expectation that the distance be accurate. The certification program is very important to the average runner, as well as those of exceptional speed. Most runners like to compare performances run on different courses and such comparisons are very difficult if course distances are not reliable. No one can establish a personal best if courses are not accurate.

For any road-running performance to be accepted as a record, or be included in national or provincial rankings, it must be run on a certified course.

Lap Recording

Race Result timing will be used for this event. This will incorporate a Velcro band which may be worn on any part of the body. Half lap and full laps will be timed and recorded.

For eg:  12.5km, 25.00km, 37.5km……etc

Participants will be required to return their timing band prior to medals being issued.

Cut off times

100 km event – 15 hours (3 pm)        – Midnight start (Note: Participants who have not started their last lap by 1330, will not be permitted to carry on).

50 km event – 9 hours (12 pm)          – 3 am start

25 km event – 4.5 hours (10.30am)  – 6 am start

6 km Kids event – No cutoff               – 9 am start

Note: If you think you can run the 75 km (50 km +25 km events) in 7.5hrs to get in below the cutoff of 10.30am, then feel free to register for both the 50 km and 25 km event. There is always going to be one idiot looking to double up on their bling for the day I’m sure!. Be warned…….The cut off will be strictly enforced amidst lots of laughing when you miss out on getting in under cutoff.


Pacers are permitted from 9 hrs onwards (9 am) pacers are expected to adhere to all runners guidelines.

Trophy presentation

Presentations will be at 1 pm

Competitors are encouraged to stay and support the other runners on the course.

Aid Station Locations

– Startline

– 3.0km: Cathedral Drive (Aid Station)

– 6.25km: Cathedral Drive Aid Station ( Turn Point)

– 9.25km: Cathedral Drive ( Aid Station)

-12.5km: Start/Finish line

Race Ammenities:

– Toilet facility located at Start/Finish point

-Toilet Facility and park located at 2km point(Fees Field)

-Tailwind, Powerade and water will be supplied for competitors.

Service Station located (200m away) along with a Coffee Shop, Chicken Treat and Shopping Centre 300m

Competitors Pre Race information

(Pre race Information to come!)

Facebook Group

Race Sanctioning Body

AURA (Also Insurer for the event)

Special Thanks

Thanks to Shire of Harvey for their awesome support and assistance in helping to get this off the ground.

Tailwind For their sponsorship of product and prizes for the Ultra Series WA

Compressport  For their sponsorship of prizes and discounted merchandise for the Ultra Series WA

Bunbury Runners Club – For assistance with setup and volunteering by it’s members through out the event.

Rob D and David K – for their technical assistance in setting up the event.